Making a Submissive Wife: Lessons in Discipline and Bondage Released

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yesterday, I released the first story in my new serial, Making a Submissive Wife: Lessons in Discipline and Bondage. My latest foray into BDSM fiction is meant to follow the decadent descent of a newlywed couple, who find that a submissive 1950s style relationship is far more exciting than a dull suburban marriage.

The new ebook marks an excursion into dark erotic romance rather than pure erotica, but I don't think my smut loving readers will be put off. There are plenty of spine tingling scenes in every chapter. Explicit bondage abounds as Eileen and her husband Michael explore the limits of their love and lust. Book One looks at the foundations of domination and submission, as husband makes wife an offer she can't refuse.

This tale follows Michael's efforts to cast his shadow over Eileen as she struggles to settle into her new role. You'll find rough sex, collaring, leash training, and an inventive game using scarves to cement their power play. I expect future stories in the series to grow more stern and extreme, but the love between Michael and Eileen only grows, no matter what changes occur in their bedroom (and outside it).

BDSM romance is thriving right now. Almost everyone has heard about the recent popularity of E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey, which recently landed a movie deal.

That's not why I started the Submissive Wife series, but it's heartening to see bondage related kinks getting this kind of popular exposure. BDSM relationships may be the verge of going "mainstream" in a bigger way than ever before.

If I can do my small part to help nudge some of the most thrilling elements of alternative sexuality out into the open through fantasy, then I'm happy. Bondage romances might not dominate any time soon, but I think the best ones deserve a place on the top charts and in our cultural lexicon.

Pick up Making a Submissive Wife for the kink, but stay for the story. It's currently on Kindle, and it will be published for Nook and in Smashwords formats by the end of the week.


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