The Psychology of Cuckolding

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've never engaged in cuckolding, but I'm obsessed with the psychology behind it. Though I'm not a cuck, I write about wives turning their husbands into withered sissies, and men who enjoy sharing their women with their social and physical betters. In fact, I write about it a lot.

A couple of my latest stories, Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie and Ravishing the Bride, take cuckolding relationships to their deliciously extreme conclusions. To me, this means breeding, since a wife producing a child with another man is an irreversible occurrence.

If you're a real cuckold, then you should be willing to go all in. This isn't really the case in the real world, nor should it be, but in fiction, it's mandatory.

My phantom characters who only exist on paper and electronic ink are puppets of lust. This makes them do incredibly brash and crazy things, like fucking total strangers without any protection at all. Yes, even when said strangers are of a different race, meaning that the signs of cuckolding are obvious to everyone after about nine months.

In a way, I think that part of the cuckold's humiliation involves forcing him out of the closet. There are many cucks in real life and fiction who adore being tortured in private as their wives grunt beneath the enormous pricks of their strong lovers. Yet, their bitter pleasures are confined to their bedrooms, since the bull cleans up and leaves after the fact. Or maybe he's a long time friend, who sticks around for a beer in between a weekend filled with hot wife fucking.

Still, other cucks just can't help but leap off the cliff into more extreme terrain, like pitiful moths drawn helplessly to a flame. They beg for femdom relationships, relishing the ways their wives demean them with sissy outfits, dragging their heads down to stare at their minuscule cocks as they prematurely ejaculate into their own hands. Such is the fate of the cuckold in Ravishing the Bride, who marries a woman intent on perverting the ultimate vow of love and devotion, by swapping her husband out for a bigger, darker man on their honeymoon.

The primal urge for extreme cuckolding all goes back to breeding, as I've said before and I'll say again. Many hot wives dream about hard black bulls filling them. Sometimes, this spills over into taking their lovers completely free from any protection at all. When these wives do it, they are playing the ultimate game of Russian roulette, whether their cuckolds want them to or not.

When you're knocked up with a mixed race baby, there is no turning back. Cuckolding wives like my Natalie just can't resist the allure of having black men's DNA flooding into their unguarded wombs, even if it means overturning the apple cart of an otherwise affluent and normal life. Some cocks are worth the risk, and some cuckolding couples are horny enough to go for it, no matter what the consequences, as in Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie.

I intend to say a lot more about the gears that are constantly whirring away behind the scenes of cuckold power play in the weeks and months to come. Until then, stay horny, and I'll get back to work churning out new fuel for your wet dreams.


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