Fetishly Delicious Reviews Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie and an Update

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Every writer, good or bad, needs reviews. It's the only realistic way to improve one's craft and get feedback about what the people want and desire.

Fortunately, I'm very pleased to have received this positive review from Fetishly Delicious about my story, Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie. This short, but sweet piece tells me exactly what I'd like to hear about this particular tale, but I think other readers on the fence will find something of value too. Check it out, and spend some time on Fetishly Delicious while you're at it, which features plenty of entertaining observations and gobs of sexy pictures from the cuckold lifestyle, among many others.

Breeding Cuckold Wife Natalie is currently available from Amazon's Kindle store, Smashwords (in almost every digital format you can think of), and the Nook Bookstore run by Barnes & Noble. It should be on Apple's iBookstore, Kobobooks, and a few other places within the next few weeks.

It's already early April, and I'm branching out into new territory this month. New stories are on the way that will further explore breeding, lactation, and all of the associated wonders of pregnancy. I'm especially proud of Escaping the Milking Machines, which occupies a place between a quick and dirty dystopian erotic tale and a short erotic romance.

Later this month, the second installment of the Making a Submissive Wife Series is due. Husband and wife are slated to advance deeper into the world of domination and submission. Will their marriage last, and in what form? Find out soon.


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