Free Cuckold Story: Sylvia's Billionaire Bull

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm pleased to bring you the first of what I hope to be several completely free cuckold stories mixed with breeding sex. Sylvia's Billionaire Bull: A Cuckold and Hot Wife Breeding Story takes us inside the lives of a newly rich couple who are invited to the Greek estate of a world famous billionaire.

In the high class world, cuckolding happens a little differently than in everyday suburbia. Or at least I imagine it does. For this story, I decided to make the aristocratic bull's prowess totally dominant. The titan named Markos is better than the cuck in every way you can imagine: handsomer, wealthier, and smarter.

The Mediterranean forms an exotic and alluring backdrop to the action between the sheets. This land of ancient wonders has always had a romantic edge, though this isn't really an erotic romance. I think that part of cuckolding's thrill is its incredible vividness when it happens.

A foreign environment like a Greek mansion makes everything richer. When Markos is cuckolding his guest in a multi-million dollar suite, it becomes pretty obvious that the sex is real, and so are its consequences.

As in many of my stories, breeding is the inevitable result of lustful Sylvia's liaison. How will her husband react?

Find out in this free cuckold story, available in PDF and many other formats from Smashwords: Sylvia's Billionaire Bull: A Cuckold and Hot Wife Breeding Story.


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