Punishing a Submissive Wife: Lessons in Discipline and Bondage

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A few days ago, I released Punishing a Submissive Wife: Lessons in Discipline and Bondage. This long tale forms the second part in my story arc about Michael and Eileen, a BDSM driven couple who are new to the lifestyle. In this piece, things get much more complicated.

Making a Submissive Wife saw Michael just beginning to break in his wife as a submissive. I felt like Eileen submitted fairly readily in the first story, totally given over to the curious pleasures she found in her dominant husband. Now, though, she defies him.

What price must a submissive pay when she disobeys her Master? Worse, can she ever be forgiven and trusted? I think the answer is yes. No, that's not a spoiler, since the road is long and trecherous, and it doesn't end at the conclusion of this new story.

I plan to continue the series in at least one more chapter, possibly two. In so many erotica stories built on bondage, you meet characters who find joy in punishment and submission all too easily. BDSM isn't always clean and delicious. It has its bumps, particularly when it's occurring in the context of a real relationship.

My whole purpose in writing the Submissive Wife series is to show the power of conflict, and how it might be overcome. The identities deep within us may call for dominant and submissive roles, but it's not always easy to make that a reality. The good news is that the rewards of pushing into the new zone after overcoming severe challenges are high. Ask any successful dom and sub who have been intertwined for sometime.

As many D/S practitioners know, there's pleasure in domination, discipline, and sometimes pain. Punishing a Submissive Wife reveals the disciplinary and bondage lessons needed to unlock the ecstasy behind the shadows.

Readers may check it out on Amazon's Kindle Store, or search the title on the Nook storefront. Smashwords has it up and for sale in almost any format you could want. Like most of my books, it will be available through Apple's iBooks, Kobobooks, and several other places very soon.


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