The Wartime Cuckold: Historical Wife Breeding

Monday, April 16, 2012

War and cuckolding are far more natural than anyone would think at first glance. In fact, wives sneaking off throughout history's many conflicts and consorting with the enemy (or allies) is probably the source of much genetic diversity. The World Wars were horrible, but not for baby making.

I don't know of any official studies on cuckolding during the wars. But it's reasonable to assume there was a lot of it going on. Europe alone saw millions of American GIs and support staff sweeping into the UK, and later across the continent. This says nothing of the many hostile occupations, where Axis and Allied troops alike inevitably shacked up with horny wives across the war torn landscape.

Many French women who consorted with the occupiers famously had their heads shaved in retribution. Yet, one wonders how many were still married to Frenchman, and how many husbands approved of their wives taking foreign soldiers to bed? In those days, birth control was scarce, and pregnancy far more likely from such encounters...

These thoughts inspired my latest story, The Wartime Cuckold: An English Wife's Impregnation. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, I thought that dealing with occupiers so blatantly might cross the line. Instead, I chose to focus on what happens when a lame English husband decides to give his young wife over to one of the American troops stationed in the UK during the war.

I tried to make this tale as much about life, death, and a strange sense of duty as it is about cuckolding and historical breeding sex. Though plenty of couples got the same sort of pleasure they did today in the 1940s from cuckolding, I doubt it took on the same forms.

Rather, it's easier to imagine the cuckolds of yesteryear as men who just sort of fell into it. The sexuality of their age was far more restrictive, but perhaps that made handing off their wives to other men far more pleasurable for everyone involved. The taboo was certainly one to be reckoned with - especially whenever breeding was not just a byproduct, but the main objective of these liaisons.

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Until then, take a moment to meditate on your own genetics. Ask yourself how many illegitimate genes you carry from faceless great grandfathers, who gratified your maternal ancestors in times of war, when danger heightened their breeding instincts like a fragrant perfume.


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