Impregnation Stories are Domination at its Finest

Thursday, May 10, 2012

 Every day, we're creeping closer to having a crack at immortality as a species. Science is rapidly outpacing our ability to comprehend it, but old school methods still have a stranglehold on our minds, and our sex lives.

Mankind realized in its heart of hearts long ago that there's only one way to leave an everlasting mark: impregnation sex. I'm strongly of the opinion that unprotected breeding is the most dominant form of sex, and it should enjoy more than a cult following in the BDSM genre. This also makes impregnation stories a kingmaker in the flourishing field of domination based erotica.

In the beginning, all sex was impregnation sex, just as it still is in the animal world. When you think about all kinks being an outgrowth of it, you see just how tightly the ancient chains of breeding really bind us.

The body and the brain are treasonous. No matter how sophisticated they seem, they are hard wired to do whatever it takes to get tab A into slot B, regardless of how many outlandish and wonderful frills are piled onto the process.

Most of us just have to breed. Many who are into impregnation sex, whether fictional or real, are obsessed with the explosion that takes place before raw Nature. Men relish spurting their heavy loads inside fertile wombs, where they can occupy vacant spaces with a part of themselves. Women crave seed flowing into their depths, where it implants and grows for nine months, reshaping their bellies and breasts forever.

It's almost mind boggling to list all of the ways breeding is tied into base domination and submission. As a product of evolution, the kink is all encompassing, the primitive ancestor that spawned all of our beloved sex acts. Like no other force, it's ingrained into the human flesh, anchored deep in our survival mechanism.

From there, pure breeding has spawned some incredible deviations over the centuries. No more does it take place with a mate bent over, or laying beneath her lover as a missionary rag doll. Now, she may be getting filled as her hair is yanked back with her wrists cuffed together, binding the insanely lustful tingle of bondage with Nature's finest kink.

I write a great deal about fertility cults who are totally fixated on impregnation sex and milking. Though my strong man led groups are fantastic, they are based on real fertility cults.

Powerful fertility groups, like the forced breeding aficionados of Bound by the Twilight Cult: ABreeding Sex and Milking Bondage Story, use BDSM practices and impregnation sex as crucial parts of strange rituals. The ancient world was more in tune with the fertility instinct, untouched by modern sensibilities and easy birth control.

Thanks to this atmosphere, countless rites of worship dedicated to impregnation are found in almost every ancient culture. Human heads were haunted by breeding even as they crafted their religions, applying male and female generative powers to the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Sex cults set on breeding are just acting like little marionettes to the whims of their deep rooted instincts. The rough sex that implants gobs of sperm in an open slit, the gangbangs, and the forced lactation later on are all exercises of dominance. Many submissive women in my works (not to mention real life) love being treated this way. Nothing makes them feel more used. Or, fulfilled, in the context of a loving relationship or white hat breeding group.

Impregnation sex can easily have its dom-sub gender roles flipped. In the breeding fetish circles, strong men and submissive women waiting to be filled are pretty common. But a lesser known delight is a mistress who seeks to milk her lover's cock, bringing his helpless seed into her to produce a child he has little say in making.

The biological facts of breeding are hard coded, just like most kinks, but the gender roles and finer points of BDSM don't have to be. This makes impregnation one of the most attractive and flexible fetishes in the orbit of pure domination.

There are a thousand ways to fill a womb, leading to the miraculous transformation of DNA that can only occur when sperm and egg unite. As a belly swells, pregnant women present their own delights to their breeders...and themselves. After birth, submissives and their doms may venture into the lactation fetish, where milk is pumped out on command to the delight of the sex struck couple.

In cuckoldry, the power play is mainly psychological. Having another man impregnating your wife is one of the most maddening experiences a submissive husband can have. In the most fevered fantasies, this crosses over to race play, where superior black bulls often seed white wives with mixed babies. I've always found this dynamic fascinating, and it's inspired me to pen works like Black Breeding Sex Stories.

In the end, however, impregnation sex continues to inject itself so forcefully into other fetishes because of its great mystery. The sex cults of old understood this well, and they set out to craft entire rituals, mythologies, and terrifying gods around it. Their spirit lives on in the type of fiction I choose to write. More vividly, it lives on in the rumored occult societies today who exist to breed and milk submissives, and in the bedrooms of cuckold husbands who are ready to take the ultimate plunge.

Impregnation stories truly echo domination in its finest form. They aren't going anywhere, and they deserve to be told, far and wide.


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