Impregnation Stories: A Hunter's Breeding Trap

Sunday, May 6, 2012

 One of my latest releases is a long story called A Hunter's Breeding Trap: An Impregnation and Bondage Story. I'm particularly proud of this erotic tale because it pulls together elements I strive to weave throughout my work: breeding, domination and submission, and a mystical air that captures the mysterious spirit of fertile sexuality.

The story follows young Nicole, who lives in a society where breeding is borderline anonymous and highly stratified. Think of it, if you will, as a place where eugenics reigns supreme, and arranged breedings occur between top tier women and alpha males.

Still, there's a very wild element at work. Sperm and eggs aren't joined coldly in some tech lab, but rather in the woods, following an elaborate mating ritual where the women try to outrun their virile strong men for as long as possible. When they are captured, they must submit to discipline and pleasure as their wombs are seeded.

Going green is all the rage these days, and I feel like it's spilling over into sexuality as well. There are a few high tech gadgets in Nicole's world, but most of the action takes place in isolated bungalows inhabited the territorial doms, who only go out to hunt and mate. Basically, the cavemen of the future.

I often think that the huge upswing in sexual liberation could lead the human race toward totally alien models of reproduction in the future. If the breeding drive is ever fully unchained without such dire financial and social consequences, I think that little communes and localities like the one depicted in A Hunter's Breeding Trap could easily become real. But maybe that's just my own fevered imaginings.

If it sounds appealing, I encourage you to check out the ebook on Amazon's Kindle Store, at my Smashwords storefront (where you can get it as a PDF, ePub, and almost every other file you can think of for PC or ereader), or by searching for A Hunter's Breeding Trap on the Nook and other devices. Happy reading.


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