Lactation Stories - Milked by Mystics Released

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm pleased to announced my latest release in the lactation sex genre, Milked by Mystics. This story is really a parallel to one my earlier and more popular works, Bound by the Twilight Cult. Once again, readers will find themselves exploring the sensual and mysterious workings of a sex cult obsessed with breeding and lactation.

Mother's milk forms strange rites, as does semen. I've noticed a pattern - also pointed out to me by a keen reviewer - of "good" and "bad" sex cults in my fiction. The good cults are benign authoritarians, obsessed with domination, breeding, and lactation in an effort to achieve enlightenment. Sex is a tool for them to continue odd rituals that seem to permeate the societies they rule, and to appease far off gods.

Milked by Mystics: A Breeding and Lactation Story certainly continues that tradition. You'll find plenty of impregnation, milking machines, and even a gangbang or two in this piece. I hope to evolve the ideas presented in this story into a series or a longer novel one day, but it might not be for a little while.

The ebook is already shooting up the charts on Amazon, which makes me very happy. So, check it out in the Kindle Store if you want to get your freak on and explore out-of-this world occult sexuality. It's also available over at Barnes & Nobles' Nook Store, and on Smashwords if you're looking for a PDF or almost any other format.


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