Black Breeding Sex Stories - An Interracial Cuckold Collection Released

Sunday, June 3, 2012

 Last month, I put together my first short story collection, Black Breeding Sex Stories: An Interracial Cuckold Collection. It was a long time in coming. I ended up putting together four of my most popular and bestselling interracial cuckold breeding tales, plus a completely original tale.

What will you find in this monster? Plenty to warm your nights when you're staring at the cream swirling around in your coffee with a different kind of hunger in your eyes.

Here's a quick summary of each story included in this collection:

Breeding Lisa With Big Black C*ck: Kurt is a struggling cuckold, but his beautiful blonde wife is happy to help. Little does he know that she seeks to fulfill a wish that will change their lives forever.

Club Dark Afrika: A previously unpublished cuckold tale about a new night club at the edge of town, for white wives only. When sumptuous Wendy finds out about it, how can she say no to dragging her husband along for the ride? Club Dark Afrika holds far more pleasure than Wendy bargained for, especially when a handsome black co-worker from her office shows up. This story is exclusive to this collection, and not available anywhere else!

Big Black C*ck Junkie: Colette and her husband are ready to graduate from mere swinging to interracial cuckolding. Soon, the couple find themselves on an advanced track as wifey melts beneath multiple handsome black men, giving her an anonymous father for the mixed baby she craves.

Addicted to Big Black C*ck: Collapse into unchained lust with hot wife Elizabeth and her submissive husband. Hubby plays clean up crew and organizer for her affairs with steamy African men, and finds himself taking the the final leap to total humiliation.

Ravishing the Bride: In this extreme breeding tale, a newly wed wife named Chrissi takes marriage as a gateway to dominate her husband, and satisfy her interracial sex cravings. A handsome Indian man from her husband's workplace holds the answer, and all the right tools to satisfy her as she's always wanted.

"Club Dark Afrika" is an all new cuckolding tale.  Night clubs have always had a charm about them for me, and I thought that one in particular would make an excellent place for secretive, late night liaisons between white wives and black stallions. I don't plan on publishing this piece by itself or putting it elsewhere in the near future, so it will remain an exclusive bonus to this collection.

You can pick up Black Breeding Sex Stories on Amazon's Kindle Store, in the Nook Store on Barnes & Noble, via Smashwords (for almost any format you can imagine). It should appear on Apple iBooks, Kobo, and other merchants over the next few months.


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