Lactation Stories - Nestor's Milk Fountain Released

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 I'm not going to hide it: lactation stories are fun to write. I'm not a practicing adult nurser or anything, but I believe I have a firm understanding of the underlying attraction behind it. There's little more intimate than swapping fluids, including mother's milk, which is what encouraged me to pen Nestor's Milk Fountain: A Lactation and Breeding Sex Story.

Admittedly, this story is a bit different than my previous work in the lactation arena. With this tale, I took more of an erotic romance approach. You won't find forced milking or sex cults at work here, as in Milked by Mystics. Here, Nestor finds a needy woman while traveling, who also happens to share his chief fetish.

Lust and love cross in a way that I believe shows the flexibility of lactation stories. They are about more than just shooting milk, you know. With milking and consumption, there are real feelings involved. I think this is the case in real life, but it's poorly reflected in erotica and beyond.

Seeing that lactating stories have been missing some heart, I decided to do my part in setting that right. You can find Nestor's Milk Fountain on the Amazon Kindle, buy it as a PDF/Epub/anything else on Smashwords, or search the title in the Nook store or your favorite ebook retailer.

It might be a little while before I venture back into lactation after this, but I trust this story will satisfy reader thirsts.


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