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Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Spice is the stuff of life, and certainly erotic romance too. Breeding stories are wonderful, but every writer who delves into the genre has run into the challenge of spicing it up. I'm no exception.

Lately, I've been thinking about making breeding romance even better, and it brings me back to the quasi-historic settings of my series, The Breeding Contract. Dominant Magistrates are hot, but who else is in an era when fierce aristocrats clashed with strong men in armor?

Blacksmiths, that's who. Bred by the Blacksmith: Virgin Submission is my latest erotic romance novelette, and possibly a lead in to a new series too. The titular hero Ulthar is as hard as steel, and his skills extend to more than just the metal he slaves over.

The heroine is Claire Noblese, a young woman with a taste for submission and fantasy. She also has a big problem, namely a possessive and powerful step-father who stands between her and unbarred lust with the blacksmith. Claire has a lot to learn about the world, and Ulthar is going to teach her, gatekeepers be damned.

What better way to learn the ropes of life than with a little domination and pregnancy? In most of my stories, the sex is as serious as it is sizzling, and so are the commitments it brings.

In a time before birth control, men and women didn't have the luxury of casual sex and throwaway relationships. In the blacksmith's tale, Claire and Ulthar are getting to know one another in the bedroom and beyond, but their bodies are already bound with blood. Sex has real consequences in this story, and it penetrates into everything from the erotic to the emotional.

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