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Monday, August 13, 2012

My latest release is The Breeding Tree: Bred in Captivity, and you can guess what it's about. Actually, this story takes me back to my real obsessions as an erotic writer, and a breeding lover too.

Much like the virginal young lass in A Hunter's Breeding Trap, this latest book features Abby, an inexperienced woman living in a surreal world where men and women exist in near isolation. When a woman reaches her prime age for first impregnation, she must meet her baby maker by waiting for him at the breeding tree. The titular plant has watched over the female settlement for generations, and it marks the entrance into the dark, cool woods -- the perfect setting to meld lust and Nature.

I released this tale as a stand alone, but it could become a series if the feedback is positive. This is one of those fantasy tales where modern day hang ups and concerns are left behind. In so many of my ideal worlds, the cold financial and social concerns of breeding sex are removed.

Instead, the natural flame between a potent man and a fertile woman are allowed to work as they should, without restrictions. Sometimes, there's bondage and domination to provide structure and lessons. That's definitely the case in The Breeding Tree.

Lately, the ranks of breeding tales have grown on the big eretailers. This pleases me to no end because it shows how many eager erotica readers are embracing their deepest fantasies.

Some folks are writing to trends now that impregnation and BDSM are hot, and I don't fault them. Not me, though. I can't help but write breeding sex stories and impregnation romances with a rough edge. Call me a slave to the psyche, but at least this servitude is fun.

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Dreamer725 August 15, 2012 at 12:39 AM  

Thank you for scratching my itch!!! I look forward to your next story.

Arthur Mitchell August 17, 2012 at 12:11 AM  

Thanks, Dreamer! I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. More breeding stories are definitely in my future.

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