Rough Impregnation Erotica - Rancher's Breeding Cow Released

Monday, December 3, 2012

In my newest story, I wanted to deliver something sweet and sour in impregnation erotica. I think I've found a good recipe in Rancher's Breeding Cow: Bred and Blackmailed.

I haven't returned to Western BDSM's delightful world since the last installment of my For Her Own Good series. The new novelette has some big differences with its predecessor too.

Here, we have the last son and daughter of two large ranching families coming together. Norman McCoy is an intense man with a deep devotion to blood and land. He understands that family is everything, but his fetching young veterinarian doesn't.

Rene just wants to settle in her old hometown and practice medicine in peace. But she's receptive to Norman's message -- far more than she realizes before his dark persuasion comes over her.

This story is a mish-mash that will delight in its contrasts. Rene and Norman are drawn together through blackmail and willful submission, pleasure and obligation, all woven by Nature's unstoppable magic.

Check out the description below:


When young Rene moves back to her family ranch, love and breeding are about the last wonders she expects to discover. She's the last of her line, and so is Norman McCoy, a rough landowner she hasn't seen since High School.

She's immediately attracted to his dark charm, but letting romance take root slowly isn't on Norman's agenda. He's obsessed with bringing out her true feelings for him by any means possible – even if it means using a dark secret from Rene's past to bend her to his will.

For Norman, blackmail is the quickest path to place her in breeding bondage. He wants everything: her body, her land, her womb. And he will stop at nothing to make her submit and bind her bloodline to his, right where it belongs, on the ancestral lands their families have inhabited for generations.

This story contains vivid scenes of hard domination, impregnation sex, and passionate love spawned from total surrender. An erotic romance novelette of over 9,000 words.

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