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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mysterious fertility cults populate some of my stories, and they've inspired yet another. Master's Breeding Slave: Bred into Submission takes us into the dark and seductive journey of an unlikely heroine.

Even today, when they aren't exactly the centerpiece of popular culture, FBI Special Agents are masters of cold self-discipline. I decided to make this story's heroine, Dana Arvoy, part of the government's most famous investigative unit. When she cracks underneath the lust fueled by Nature's breeding impulse, the effect is heightened, much greater than it might be with a run of the mill employee elsewhere.

The FBI trains its finest to put up with all sorts of psychological and physical stress. In this tale, all of that is in vain, but the barrier thrown up by her career makes seeing submission's progress even more beautiful.

Here's more on what you'll find inside this novelette:


Special Agent Dana Arvoy is hunting down the latest young woman to go missing. Emily Fischer's disappearance is the most frustrating case of her novice career, and one that will lead her places she can't imagine.

For years, Brother Adrian has wanted a submissive mate of his own, a woman who will appreciate his people's archaic way of life and devotion to Nature's sex calls. A young and beautiful FBI Agent who arrives on his turf may be exactly what he's been waiting for.

Dana is a suspicious outsider, but she understands the lust quietly burning beneath her flesh, just like Adrian does. Before she realizes what's happening, the handsome stranger awakens senses that even FBI training can't suppress.

When the right man appears, nothing matters except indulgence. Reason is no match for impregnation, submission, and decadent pleasure.

This story contains fiery scenes of mental and physical domination by a fertility cult, rough breeding sex, and unlikely love. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,000 words.

Basically, the Brotherhood is a much stranger offshoot of the Amish and other real world believers who reject modernity. Brother Adrian, a man fully in tune with nature and his own dominant charms, is the perfect foil and lover for a woman up to her knees in modern obligations.

I intend to explore this dynamic in future tales. For now, there's nothing hotter in my catalogue that draws on this theme. Get it while it's fresh and good!

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