Russian Erotic Romance - Breeding for Vladimir - Russian Bred Submission Released

Friday, February 15, 2013

Long after Lenin and the Tsars were buried, Russia remains a mystery. That's part of its enchantment, in my eyes, making it the perfect place for romance. I created Breeding for Vladimir: Russian Bred Submission as an erotic romance story with a wealthy and strong Russian hero, but I didn't want to relive old cliches in its characters or its scenery.

When we think of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg are usually the first places that come to mind. There's a lot to adore about these amazing cities, but I wanted to go deeper.

How deep? All the way to the Ural mountains, just at Siberia's edge. Weirdly enough, my newest novelette is set not far from Chelyabinsk, where today's unusual and alarming meteor impacts occurred. Totally coincidental, I might add, since this book was released several days ago.

Luckily, the fate awaiting Valerie and Vladimir has nothing to do with unstoppable rocks streaking down from the heavens. Their unlikely love begins on a train, the famous Trans-Siberian railway that goes all the way from Moscow to the Far East.

Breathtaking scenery and high end vodka aren't the only marvels awaiting young Valerie, who's taken the plunge deep into an exotic land. Here's a little about what's in store for her:


Valerie Lulko is exhausted. For all her young life, she's never fit in anywhere. When she decides to follow fate, it takes her all the way to Russia, back to her ancestral land.

Attraction is instant and irresistible when she meets the handsome stranger who shares her Siberian train car. Vladimir isn't like any man she's ever known. Beneath his charming exterior is a devotion to family and land, along with a hidden desire to find the mate he's always sought.

Three days on a train can change everything. His magnetic strength draws Valerie to his body and soul, but winning his love commands a high price. In Russia, submission must be total, even if it means opening the heart and flesh for breeding...

This story contains intense scenes of domination, impregnation sex, and passion as vast as the Russian countryside. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,500 words.

Russia's old primal lands are a big part of its mystique. Capturing the atmosphere of Old Rus and wedding it to a BDSM erotic romance isn't easy, but the result is extremely satisfying.

This year, one of my goals is to take my love and impregnation struck characters to places that are far from the US and Western Europe. It's been a pleasure visiting Russia in this tale, and I have a feeling I'll be back before I know it...

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