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Saturday, February 2, 2013

I've made a rare return to the overtly supernatural with my latest release, Breeding With Wolves: Dominated and Bred. Werewolves hold a special place in both erotica and romance, and I wanted to show them the respect they deserve.

Wolf stories are like all of Nature's lustful fury distilled into thousands of words. It's a tall order for any reader to give it the treatment it deserves.

To me, the supernatural means leaving the ordinary behind. It's also more than that, though. When you encounter a world greater than the mundane, the ordinary isn't acceptable anymore, and it can only be shunned.

Such is the fate of my heroine, Miriam. She's in a rough spot when she encounters the two irresistible shapeshifters yearning to mate with her. Here's more on what young Miriam discovers at the hands of these werewolf brothers:


When young Miriam gets lost in the woods, she never expects to end up in the sultry embrace of two fearsome strangers. One minute, the wolves are upon her, and the next she awakens in a little cabin.

Olsen and Skuld aren't what they appear. Her saviors reveal the impossible not long after she arrives. Soon, her howls of fear turn to passion, and she learns to submit to their most primal breeding urges.

In a clan of powerful shifters, mating never comes easy. A mysterious intruder and ongoing battles between her lovers complicate Miriam's budding love triangle. Soothing their jealousy and facing all their dominant charms could be key to healing the wounds that drove her into the woods in the first place...

This atmospheric story features scenes of alpha male led domination, impregnation sex, and wolfish passions. An erotic romance novelette of over 11,000 words.

If shifters aren't awe inspiring, sexy, and strong, they don't go far enough out of normal territory.  Breeding With Wolves is only my second story where I've explored this dynamic, but it's one I intend to master. I think you'll agree that I'm off to a decent start after you've digested this erotic romance, filled with animalistic passions.

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Uh-Oh, keeper of all things erotic and breeding related in the blogosphere, was kind enough to do a recent write up highlighting some of my work. Head on over to his Impregnation Erotica blog and check it out for yourself. While you're there, be sure to take in his other posts, filled with enough impregnation content of all different types, certain to satisfy every taste.

One gentle warning: the erotic visuals on the blog are Not Safe for Work, but I hope you're not reading my blog at work either!


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