Historical Breeding Romance - Virgin Breeding Stock - Bred in Lord's Bondage Released

Friday, March 1, 2013

In the distant past, avoiding Nature wasn't an option. Breeding sex was often the only sex, and formed the soil that fed all other lusty interests. Virgin Breeding Stock: Bred in Lord's Bondage takes a look at the relationship between historical BDSM and breeding.

Actually, the story has a lot more to do with the ties between a man and a woman -- Lord and peasant -- to be precise. Shy virginal Denise has always wanted something greater, and Lord Mountbul is just the man to give it to her.

A woman giving up her virginity is a sacrifice of sorts. So is love itself.

When it happens finely tuned to the pulse of raw Nature and submission, the primal cocktail is almost overwhelming. But it sure is delicious to read and write about!

Here's more of what my new erotic romance has to offer:


It's not everyday that a high ranking Lord visits Denise's little village. When Lord Francis Mountbul drags her back to his carriage, the young virgin expects unusual demands. She doesn't imagine the depths of the aristocrat's dark obsessions: breeding, bondage, and total submission.

Saying no to a handsome and dominant Lord isn't an option. Before long, she's deep in his private world, filled with luxuries and carnal pleasures she couldn't have dreamed.

Lord Mountbul anticipates a scorching affair that will give him an heir. That changes when he notices his attraction rising beyond mere lust. When turmoil in the countryside threatens everything, will it be his finest hour in an unlikely love?

Virgin Breeding Stock contains scenes of rough bondage, impregnation sex, and a historical romance transcending all boundaries. An erotic romance novelette of over 13,500 words.

Modernity is constantly weaving its wonders before our very eyes. We have technology, liberties, and cures that past generations never could've dreamed up. Yet, something is missing...we all know it.

A lot of that has to do with the unfiltered passion between two people I portray in my stories. Earlier centuries weren't necessarily simpler times, it's true, but they were more honest ones.

There's power in truth that's equally revealed by the body and the human heart. Sometimes, it just takes a little domination, sex, and class friction to bring it to the surface.

This beautiful revelation is exactly why I'll be putting out more historical erotic romance in the future.

Snap up Virgin Breeding Stock for your reading pleasure here:



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