Western Erotic Romance - Breeding the Ranch Heiress - Bred and Owned

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

People just can't get enough of hot ranchers, and neither can I. Like its predecessor stories, Breeding the Ranch Heiress: Bred and Owned has another rugged hero sculpted by rural surroundings. However, this piece is much heavier on the BDSM element than others.

Do you like a harsh, but heroic hero with a breeding obsession and the ability to bring a privileged girl to her knees? If you said yes, then this one's for you!

The description says it all:


Young Marissa King is spoiled rotten. When she takes over her father's huge ranch, she meets a man who's protective, handsome, and absolutely tired of her attitude.

Ryan MacGregor can't keep his eyes off the beautiful ranch heiress. Soon, he realizes that the only way to have her is to tame her. He knows how to save her property from a ruthless corporation, and how to save her from herself: domination, spanking, and breeding her unprotected womb.

What starts as submission to high risk pleasure opens Marissa to much more than she imagines. Breeding in bondage could be the introduction she needs to true love.

Breeding the Ranch Heiress contains uncensored scenes of rough domination, breeding sex, and passionate surrender. An erotic romance novelette of over 14,500 words.

I hope these sexy Western erotic romances are as addictive to read as they are for me to write. Whenever I start a new story, I rarely know where it's going to end up until the last word is written. Still, one thing's for sure - this won't be my last where the white knight wears a cowboy hat and has a darker shadow.

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