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Sunday, April 14, 2013

They say adaptation is all that stands between man and the abyss in the harshest circumstances. In my new dark erotic romance, Tamed by Breeding: Bred and Blackmailed, the old rule applies to woman as well.

What happens when old class and familial bonds are replaced by real chains? When a kept woman starts to love her captor after he's planted his seed inside her? Can there be true passion, or is it just a shocking case of Stockholm Syndrome?

This story doesn't have the definite answers, but it contributes to the conversation in a wickedly erotic way. From the blurb:

Selfish and spoiled rotten, Jennifer Zinne ruins everything she touches. After too many drinks in a tropical bar, she encounters the whirlwind force that will change her life forever.

Thomas is one man who won't put up with the politician's daughter, no matter how rich or well connected she is. Bratty Jennifer is also beautiful – so pretty that she ignites his darkest fantasies.

When he shows her something that threatens to ruin her family name forever, Jennifer agrees to his demands for carnal domination. This submissive is different from the others, a perfect candidate for Thomas' most forbidden and risky obsession.

Now, there's no backing out, and Jennifer is bound for breeding...

Tamed by Breeding contains vibrant scenes of hard domination, blackmail, and rough impregnation sex. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,750 words.


I want to remake you forever, and there's only one way to do that. Keeping you prisoner and indulging my pleasure isn't enough.” He sucked in a breath, holding her closer with his strong arms. “Miss Zinne, I'm going to put a baby in your sweet little belly – maybe more than one.”

What the hell?

Sharp klaxons rang in her head. She tried to dart out of his grip, but he pressed tighter.

Her face peeled away and she fought to tip backwards onto the bed. His hand caught her hair and pulled hard.

Don't fight it. The sooner you learn to submit fully, the better. The only thing capable of turning around a spoiled little brat like you is giving you a child of your own, something you'll actually love more than yourself.” He pushed her into the mattress, folding his huge bulk over her trembling frame.

Oh, please – anything but this! I can't get pregnant...I just can't.”

Do you really think he's going to eat your lies? Your words say one thing, but your body says another. If you really meant it, you wouldn't be melting in his hands, writhing with fertile desire.

Thomas smirked. He looked like he'd read her thoughts, as if he had special powers. But really, her pheromones had given her away.

No, Jenny. You can get pregnant, and you will. You've wanted to feel this cock for a long time. We both know it.” His calloused palm caressed her face; slow, sensual, and menacing.

Well, now you're going to get that chance. I don't do barriers. I do hard, honest fucking. I'm going to open your fertile womb and plow my seed deep, until it's right where it belongs.”

He reached to her belly and patted the soft flesh. Jennifer squirmed. She moaned, hating the way he forced the truth out of her.

What's this heat, this damned, insufferable desire rushing through my veins? My body's going to explode.

My treacherous body, giving into his depraved desires with an intensity I can't stand, let alone stop.

If I give you this...will you be done?” She asked, almost in a whisper.

Her blood felt like molten steel. Muscles deep within her belly clenched, fleshy vices refusing to release, mutinying against her mind.

His forbidden fruit touched the depths of her soul. He'd just offered her what the flesh craved at its deepest level, what it was meant to desire, a yearning hard coded into every gene.

Thomas kissed her neck, just above her cleavage. He inhaled her scent, a feminine shadow thick with harsh pheromones.

Each molecule bristled with one plea, her mind and body conflict in a single phrase: breed me!

It's strange, really. The darker and rougher the sex, the deeper the questions, wrapped in shrouds of unsettled emotion.

I'm a curious person by nature. I can't resist diving into the decadent and unknown.

It seems the readers agree with me too. My rough blackmail breeding sex stories remain some of my most popular tales, and I'm fully committed to satisfying market demand and my own erotic wonder.

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