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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wherever you look, impregnation is always linked to spirituality. The connection is so potent that I can't seem to tear myself away from fertility cults. Yet another secretive society with a longing for breeding and bondage is at the center of my latest tale, Bred by the Cult: Dark Breeding Rituals.

The truth is that breeding takes you into another world. When domination, chains, and a secluded house are involved, the transition is even more complete, as grad student Alexx discovers.

Here's a small taste of what she discovers:


Inexperienced Alexx is crushing hard on her Professor. The brilliant and handsome Dr. Ashe is an expert on fertility cults, but she never imagines that his research will become her reality.

In a secluded secret society, Professor Ashe is known by another name. The young, lost Alexx is a perfect candidate for his dark obsessions.

When she acts on his mysterious invitation, he draws the trusting student into his world. Here, there are no exits, and Ashe won't rest until she's a slave to his deeply spiritual brand of domination, breeding, and pleasure.

Bred by the Cult contains intense scenes of submission, impregnation sex, and darkly beautiful passions. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,500 words.


Address me properly.”


The name I told you to use here, Alexx. This isn't just a matter of formality. It's as necessary as the air we breathe in this house. If you want me to answer your question, then you'll give me the respect I deserve.”

She studied his face. No, he wasn't joking. The flames had returned to his eyes, hot enough to melt her like a flimsy candle.

Okay, Prince.” She couldn't help but roll her eyes, even through the fear.

Before, he'd patiently kept his frustration bottled up. Now, it exploded.

He closed his arms around her, pressing her into his chest. His hands stopped near the small of her back. Her breasts smashed into his hard chest, sending raw energy pulsing through her nipples.

Next time, you'll say my name respectfully. Do you think this is a joke, little girl? We aren't playing dress up here!” He grabbed the long locks of hair running down her neck and gave them a rough tug.

She squealed, falling back into his arms. His strong right hand swept lower, rolling up her dress and pinching her bare thigh.

All those secret societies you studied are alive today! And you know what? We're just as serious as they were. If you know your history – and I know you do – you'll remember that the old mystery cults were capable of delivering enormous pleasure or pain to fertile young flowers like yourself.”

Fertile? Oh, no, this can't be a fertility cult!

Her thoughts were drowned out by the warning growl in his throat. Rough kisses splashed across her neck, shattering the last vestiges of caution and sanity in her brain.

One of his huge hands moved to her left breast, brushing away the fabric and feeling for her flesh. Ashe covered her left nipple and quickly tightened his fingers.

Alexx jumped with dangerous exhilaration. No man had ever squeezed her naked skin so forcefully, as if her body belonged to him.

I want you to feel the pleasure and the purpose we believe in here. Feel my hands, Alexx. Feel what they can do, what they're already doing to you. These are the hands of destiny, girl – hands made to delight or destroy.”

Adrenaline pumped through her veins in a thunderous burst, catalyzing lust until she trembled, breathless in his arms. Other hormones billowed just as fast, furiously re-wiring her senses.

She leaned back into his roving grasp with his moan. Slowly, she surrendered, giving herself up when she should have elbowed him and ran.

Do you want more of this? I shouldn't bother asking because I know that you do. But as a formality, I'll give you a choice: do you?” His hand slipped down, spreading itself along her inner thigh.

She panted, wondering if he'd turn her into cinders. His fingers tickled the soft white skin just beneath her sopping wet panties. Lust sucked at her, drawing her deeper into its one way abyss.

Spring is mating season for many different animals, but for me, it's irrelevant. As far as my erotic work is concerned, breeding is constant, and the fertility rites are endless. Hopefully you're just as excited about perpetual breeding as I am!

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