Breeding Sex Stories on Amazon - How to Find Your Erotica!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amazon is always shaking things up. This weekend, the website began applying an adult filter to most erotica stories about breeding sex. This means that getting your erotic fix on Amazon requires one more simple step, but it's a piece of cake!

To see all breeding sex ebooks, including mine, make sure you're searching in the KINDLE STORE. Most of my best works and those by many other authors won't show up if you're looking for "breeding" under All Departments.

This is the default search for most folks if you're using a PC. Fortunately, most Kindle users already search in the Kindle Store for ebooks on their ereaders.

But for those of you using Kindle apps or searching Amazon on a computer, makes sure you pick KINDLE STORE from the drop-down menu. It only takes a second and you'll be in business.

Going forward, Amazon is likely to continue filtering erotica, even beyond breeding ebooks. This means they'll be invisible in general search, but easy to locate under the Kindle Store tab. If you want to make sure you're finding the best erotic stories available, then get in the habit of searching the right way now and kick this pseudo-censorship to the curb!


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