The Lactation Farm - A Breeding and Milking Fantasy Released

Thursday, April 25, 2013

If you like milking with your breeding erotica, then you'll love my latest release. The Lactation Farm: A Breeding and Milking Fantasy is steeped in pregnancy fetishism from conception to lactation.

Read on for a sample of what this novelette has to offer:


Clara's been watching the handsome stranger in her diner. When she gives into an insane urge to make her presence known, he spirits her away to his ranch, where destiny takes an unexpected turn.

Harsh control and toe curling pleasure are what Royce does best. The little waitress he shackles in his barn has no idea what awaits her.

To earn his love, her domination must be complete. Life at Royce's ranch is the fast track to becoming his property for breeding, milking, and unfathomable delights...

The Lactation Farm contains electrifying scenes of breeding sex, lactation play, and the mysterious passions a submissive will weather for her dom's heart. An erotic novelette of over 11,000 words.


I need an heir, Clara, but that isn't all. I want your milk too – your glorious, smooth essence – flowing into me, long after I've shot my seed deep inside you. Your devotion must be total, and I expect regular worship. Everything you can offer is mine.”

Clara flinches and her eyes flutter. His words have a strange beauty, though they're so alien to everything she knows about love and relationships.

Can you do that? If it's a yes, then give me a kiss, and we'll start what I believe is meant to happen here today. If it's a no, then you'll stand. I'll get your dress and drive you home. Don't worry – I'll never visit your diner again.”

She stares into his face, lost in his dark eyes. They're shadowy, but so rich in color they almost glow. She's never heard anyone speak so decisively.

Isn't that why his mystery is so appealing? The promise of something different?

Clara nods to herself. She moistens her lips with a long flash of the tongue. When she leans into him, pressing her lips to his for the first time, he's ready and waiting.

Royce kisses her softly for a split second. Then the tenderness is gone.

He seizes her by the wrists, slamming her back into the mattress. His teeth dig into her bottom lip, lusty as an animal, but with a man's care.

She moans into his mouth. The humid itch in her lower abdomen is back, insistent and raw. Her flesh feels like a steaming void, a great emptiness longing to be filled by him, consequences be damned.

I'll do it, sir,” she says, as soon as he pulls away.

Royce is busy binding her hands in the shackles strapped to the walls. He grunts a reply.

Is that it?” She mutters.

I already saw the answer in your eyes. You're not the kind of girl to betray a man, Clara.” He cuffs her to the chains, moving from one hand to the next.

How do you know? What am I then? Tell me!”

You're the kind of girl who's built for submission. You're the woman who gives her mate everything he desires, and that gives you pleasure, doesn't it?”

His hand glides between her breasts quickly, falling to her slit. Two hard fingers push inside her.

She gasps with pleasurable surprise. He moves like an expert, as though he's known her body for a long time. He massages the slick velvet within her, listening to her little sighs.

When he hits her clit, she screams. He covers her mouth with his free hand, nipping the back of her neck.

Not so loud. A good submissive controls herself. I know you can do that.”

He relaxes his grip and moves to her front side. Her legs open automatically, welcoming him to her flesh.

No, Clara, there's no doubt in my mind. I felt it from the moment I saw you, and I knew the instant you came running up to my truck. You're the kind of girl whose desires are meant to mold to mine. You want to be bred and milked by me, don't you?”

And just a friendly reminder: if you're buying this on Amazon without using my links, be sure to look for the title or Arthur Mitchell under the KINDLE STORE. Due to Amazon's recent decision to filter breeding related erotic works, many of my best stories are now invisible when you search for them under All Departments. You can only find them on the Kindle Store!





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