Bred for Payment - Banker's Submissive Pet Released

Friday, May 10, 2013

Just in time for the weekend comes a new release. Bred for Payment: Banker's Submissive Pet carries on the spirit of my early rough romances.

Struggling in this flattened economy as a single mother is no joke. There are many heart wrenching situations where people resort to desperate measures just to survive.

I've always believe that fantasy is a good way to work out our deepest fears - especially when scary uncertainties are tied to dark desires. In this erotic fantasy, Ellen's story has a happy ending. This reflects my belief that love can rise from the harshest and strangest circumstances.

Read on for this story's breakdown:


Broken, scared, and down on her luck. That's the way Ellen feels when she encounters her old High School crush turned wealthy banker.

Time changes everything. In Stephen Monroe's eyes, the desperate single mother has blossomed into something beautiful. She's so perfect for his hidden desires that he offers her submission when he should be foreclosing her home.

With no other choice, Ellen surrenders herself to his shackles, spankings, and rough pleasures. Soon, lust changes her, and she's unable to resist his mounting demands – even when breeding her fertile womb tops his agenda.

Bred for Payment contains decadent scenes of sensual domination, impregnation sex, and love rising from the harshest circumstances. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,500 words.


Stephen smiles like a wolf, victorious and pleased with his new acquisition. His hands dip behind him as he leans back on the desk once more.

I just...I don't know. What am I saying 'yes' to, exactly? What are you going to do to me?”

Whatever I want. You'll be living on my dime, just like a well paid employee, unless I decide to terminate our agreement. If it doesn't work out, I promise you, I won't take your house. By saying yes, you've saved your home, and it's always possible to gain so much more. I know you want more than another short-lived temp job.”

So, a high class whore then...”

It's only his devilish good looks that keep her from bursting into another round of tears. Out of nowhere, life has handed her an opportunity to fulfill her youthful lusts for Stephen Monroe. But the cost is appalling.

I'm not asking you to become my prostitute,” he snaps, straightening himself. “If I wanted base sex, I'd hire a model. You know I have the money.”

Sorry,” she says, feeling stupid. “But why me? What can I give you that some high end hooker can't?”

Your complete and unquestioning obedience. Passion too, because you know the cost of failure. You, dear Ellen, can give me everything. With a whore, I'm just renting a bored workhorse and risking my health.” He pauses, fixing his eyes on her as he moistens his lips.

With you, I get total ownership. You'll do exactly what I want when we're together, and I have nothing to worry about. Single mothers take good care of themselves. You're clean, innocent, and so terribly beautiful.”

Her heart nearly stops when he touches her again. The banker's warm palm spreads along her cheek and he leans forward, sampling her lips.

The kiss is electric. The suave passion only lasts an instant before he twists his lips. She senses his true nature coming out in the changing kiss, all teeth and tongue, almost hard enough to make her choke – if desire doesn't drown her first.

Oh my God,” she moans, after he finally pulls away. “I didn't...I didn't know you could kiss like that.”

One of my many talents. Do you see, Ellen? Nothing about this has to be shameful or unpleasant. I have a feeling you want these lips as badly as I want yours. Maybe you want other parts of me too. Frankly, I don't care. All I know is that I want to devour you.”

Her thighs snap together. A sudden rush of wet heat floods her core, throbbing brutally. She tenses her hands, hating the way he's forced her into a crude animal heat.

Damn. He doesn't own me yet, but here I am, melting in his hands. He's right – so right I don't want to admit it. 

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