Cabin Bound Breeding Sex - Bred by the Lumberjack Released

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm pleased to return to the primal woodlands in my latest release, Cabin Bound Breeding Sex: Bred by the Lumberjack. This breeding tale definitely has its scenery inspired by the Upper Midwest, a place I'm intimately familiar with.

Losing yourself in the seemingly infinite woods can be a frightening experience. Fortunately, Kim's story has a happy ending, but the journey is erotic, romantic, and dangerous:


Kim is cold, lost, and prickly with lust when she finds his cabin. Her trip to the woods wasn't supposed to end like this, but the huge woodsman who takes her in promises a far more pleasurable retreat than anything she's imagined.

Strapping lumberjack Paul Frosen can't believe his good luck. The young fertile woman who finds her way to his cabin is a miracle in a place where women are scarce. Now, he'll do whatever it takes to bind her heart and body to him forever.

The forest is full of dangers – and not just hungry animals. Outside, he'll protect her. Inside, he's going to use his biggest tool to split her open, spill his sap, and plant his seed deep inside her.

Cabin Bound Breeding Sex contains intense scenes of domination, impregnation sex, and earthy passions. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,000 words.


Her breath spits out in fast waves as he moves up her neck. When he reaches her chin, his vast palm spreads out, cupping it and clenching her small jaw in his fingers.

I know what you're feeling right now. Do you really think you stumbled on my cabin by accident?” He smiles, moving his free hand down her shoulder.

No – ohh!” Her eyes snap shut when he cups her breast and squeezes.

That's right, Kim. You were brought to me for a reason. You're lost, confused, and maybe a little helpless. I can fix all of that. I know you were watching me that morning...”

Her eyes snap open, despite the deepening pressure across her nipple. He moves his hand with her head as it rises, staring up into his face with horror.

You mean...?”

The vision comes back in a flash, killing what little of her resistance remains. The same hand on her breast is the one she secretly watched wrapped around his erection, its fist plowing into his hips as they rocked into the mattress, tugging his beautiful shaft until it erupted in a viscous fountain of seed.

You heard the bed creaking. Curiosity brought you in for a look – but you didn't look away after you found out what was happening, did you?”

Paul's face drops to hers. His lips are less than an inch away when he speaks again.

You liked what you saw. And you know what? I enjoyed what I saw behind the shower curtain too. You're damn beautiful, and so ripe.” The last sentence hisses out as he squeezes her breasts hard.

Before she can answer, his lips land on hers, vibrant and hot. The gentle intrusion only lasts a second before his tongue pushes out, another muscle just as powerful as the rest of the ones packed on his body.

Ah, horror! Delight!

This. Isn't. Really. Happening.

I can't be kissing this beautiful brute, letting him fill my mouth with his wet heat. But here I am, opening wider, lowering my shields for this stranger. Helpless and lost – just like he said.

But his kisses are so much more than keys. The lumberjack's stubble scratches her face, pleasurably ticklish. His tongue wraps around hers and pushes it down as he takes control.

The pressure of their bodies has tightened, but it isn't just him. Kim's eyes become bright stars as she realizes her body is pushing back at him, smashing her breasts into his hands.

With a growl, he breaks off the kiss and lifts her up. He moves with surprising speed and precision for his massive size.

Kim squeals as the world spins. Her back slams into the flat cupboards, thankfully missing the metal handles, and his huge hands flatten on both sides of her head.

He looks his prey up and down as she's pinned beneath him. Her breathing is coming in short, erratic bursts, showering his face with anxious warmth. It's the only signal he needs.

Why – why do you want me here?” She manages. “Just tell me already.”

There's a severe shortage of women in these areas, Kim. I always dreamed of having a good wife, a mate. You're here to have my baby.”

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