Pregnant Work of Art - The Painter's Submissive - New Pregnancy Romance Released!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Super pleased to bring my readers another journey into erotic pregnancy romance. Pregnant Work of Art: The Painter's Submissive explores power and attraction.

Like other stories I've written, this one includes a heroine with some serious insecurities, and a man who could make or break her future. Neither young model or seasoned tattooed artist are able to resist the primal bond between them, the urge to breed and love.

Read on for a taste of what's inside this new offering:


Beautiful young model Monicka Kenner has her sights on the opportunity of a lifetime. She's going to model for world renowned artist, Rhys Van Warren, a handsome and tattooed painter with an eye for raw beauty.

Rhys is a perfectionist to the core. When Monicka poses for her first nude in his studio, capturing her supple curves on canvass spurs more than just a desire for great art.

For the rich and domineering artist, seduction is the easy part. His study in passion leads him back to his own private obsession – making her submit by giving her a child. Soon, old insecurities clash with her lust, and weathering the artist's erotic conquests may be the least of her problems...

Pregnant Work of Art contains sultry scenes of domination, storming passion, and impregnation. An erotic romance novelette of over 12,750 words.


Tell me, Monicka, how do you look when you really really want something?” He leans forward, the tip of his tongue pushing stray water sips into his mouth.

Holy shit. Can't you see it behind all this nervousness? Even though I'm terrified to let you see too much...

He raises his fist, spreading his fingers near her face, cupping her chin. “I know you've worked hard to get where you are, just like me. Does having seven figures in the bank make your eyes light up?”

He pauses, studying her pupils. His thin smile smooths back to nothingness, and he shakes his head.

No, that's not it. Is it a man? Are you married or dating, Monicka? No?” His fingers tighten a little, especially when her cheeks begin to flush.

Maybe you have other secrets that light you up. We all have our guilty pleasures. Let's play confession. I want to know exactly what excites you, and how I can use it to makes this canvass pop.” The artist's eyes narrow.

I know what you're thinking, but you don't have to tell me anything. I'm very good at guessing. When I see the expression on your face, I'll know instantly if I'm on the right trail.”

She shudders in his hands, tearing her chin away. His ears prick up as he listens to pent up breath leaving her lungs, sudden and forceful. Then his lips part, filled with perfect teeth.

Ah, no. Busted!

It's a man's touch, isn't it? Be honest with me, beautiful.” Slowly, his smile broadens, even before she closes her eyes and nods.

Let's dig deeper, if you'll be so kind. Tilt your head up, Monicka. I want to see the way your silky face looks after it's been kissed.”

He leans in before she can say anything else. Rhys' lips are hard, but plush. They burn so much hotter than his eyes.

She imagines the long tattoos on his arms turning into flames. His tiger stripes animate him, pushing into her, filling all the dark spaces inside with his inescapable light.

Mmmph!” She moans into his mouth. Her flailing hands settle on his broad back, and he uses the extra steadiness to push her to the wall.

His arms curl around her, showing off his strength as he flexes. He lifts her off the ground, driving her closer to his hungry mouth.

Monicka's heartbeat ticks like a brisk pendulum as her toes scrape the flat ground. This isn't just a heavy kiss. It's a message delivered in the sexiest terms possible, every jerk of his flesh screaming, I own you.

The wall's rocky texture scratches slightly at her flesh, but she doesn't care. Rhys Van Warren's tongue slides into her mouth, strong and quick as the rest of him. For an instant, she feels like the luckiest girl alive.

The raw heat between her legs becomes a slippery hot spring. She feels his huge chest rise against her as he sucks in air, fueling his body for a longer, harder embrace that takes her breath away.

Oh. Oh, God. Sir, please!” He finally releases her and lets her fall. She clasps her knees, panting and light headed.


Summer is shaping up to be something different from what I originally planned. Partly due to demand and partly due to changes at major retailers like Amazon, I'm going to be doing more erotic romance.

Fans of my rougher breeding sex stories needn't worry, though. The sultry scenes and domination dynamic that fills my work isn't changing. But you will see it in slightly different packing.

Going forward, very few of my stories will have "breeding" in the title because Amazon makes the books invisible in their search under All Departments and suppresses visibility in other ways. This change is affecting a lot of erotica authors besides just me, as I've detailed here in this quick post on how to find all my books.

For a much more in depth view on erotica censorship and instruction about how to find great books, please check out this FREE ebook by my friend Mercy Faulk, How to Find Paid and Free Erotica.

In the meantime, pick up Pregnant Work of Art: The Painter's Submissive right here:



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