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Friday, June 7, 2013

It's been a pretty intense ride on the writing trail lately. After much effort, I'm pleased to present a new contemporary cowboy erotic romance, Rancher's Healing Touch: Beautifully Bound Hearts.

I'm proud of this story because it's my first foray beyond the long form novelette. This story is, by far, longer than anything I've published before, and arguably more in depth. It clocks in at over 32,000 words (roughly 120-140 printed pages), placing it squarely in between a long novella and a short novel.

Sometimes when you're crafting these longer narratives, many things just come together beautifully. This story captures mystery, romance, and a whole lot of erotic scenes led by one hot contemporary cowboy!

Rather than prattle on, I'll shut up and let my description do the talking:


Sadie Derby arrives at Weldon Ranch with a crushed up car and no memory of her past. Despite her amnesia, she's sure that the handsome rancher who allows her to stay on his property is the most caring man she's ever met. Not to mention the drop dead sexiest.

Brax Weldon is surprised by the beautiful angel he pulls from the wreckage. Her presence is a dangerous temptation for a man who's been missing sweet feminine charms. It's been too long since he's laid his rough hands on a woman, and Sadie invites his darkest desires.

Soon, their lust creates more than just toe curling pleasure – a baby from the cowboy's seed. But Sadie's terrifying flashbacks are intensifying. Is Brax strong enough to banish her demons for good and keep her safe from those who wish to drag her back into the darkness?

Rancher's Healing Touch contains sizzling scenes of domination, tied up passion, and pregnancy romance. An erotic romance novella of over 32,000 words.


“Look at me.”

Sniffing, she meets his eyes. They're filled with fire again – brilliant as the inferno she saw when he approached Dinkie after their last dust up. But this is different.

The darkness around the flames glows with a richer hue. His stern eyes draw closer as his head moves down.

Sadie's whole body shakes when his lips land on hers. They're firm, sweet, and sure as the prairie outside, transferring their timeless comfort into her body.

There's no stopping her nerves now. Every network inside her bristles with desire, lighting her up with sharp currents from head to toe.

Kiss me harder, cowboy. Here, let me open my lips for you. I want to feel your tongue deep inside me, and then so much more than just your mouth.

Her hands claw at his back, picking up a small bundle of fabric. He grunts lightly into her mouth, invading her with the strong muscle she's burning for.

His tongue sweeps come fast, swift and determined as a pirate's thieving strokes. His stubble rakes her chin softly as he goes deeper, holding her small tongue to the bottom and flogging it again and again.
Sadie's moan runs into his body and passes down his throat. The exchange of raw current continues, energizing animal instincts buried in his masculine soul.

The kisses keep coming, and so do his hands. They're pulling her close, as though he's trying to make her melt into his body.

Her legs part, hooking gently around his large flanks. Brax grabs for her bountiful ass and lifts her clear off the ground.

If it weren't for the plates, he'd slam her onto the kitchen table. Now, his tongue peels back and she's licking at his bottom lip, driving him wild with her little teasing laps.

Jesus! It's more than any rancher can take and keep his sanity.

Silverware, a plate, and a glass go crashing to the chair. They're past caring about the noise as he plants her at the edge of the table, fisting her long locks in one hand and kissing her rough.

Yes! This is how I want it. But you can go harder, cowboy. It's rough and real that keeps me alive, that keeps away those horrible dreams...

She traces the strong hills on his back, round peaks bulging with desire. Her hips rock into him, a little too high to grind along the erection she's sure is there.

Sadie bites into his lip, scratching hard at his back. The rancher pulls away a second later with a surprised groan.

“F**king hell. Where'd you learn to do that, girl?”

“Don't know. Why don't you find out what else I can do? This is the kind of therapy I can get into.”

With a purr, he lifts her off the table. Her heart pounds as his boots tap the wooden floors, making the long journey to the steps leading upstairs.

She has a feeling it isn't the guest room that waits. They're going straight for his bedroom, the spartan wooden chamber with the big old bed she's caught glimpses of from the hallway.

As soon as they're inside, she breathes deep, refilling her lungs with the air in his private chamber. It smells just like him, all sexy man and sharp cologne.

“You ready to do this, beautiful?”

Writing this book has been a real eye opener. I'm more convinced than ever that longer stories are the way to go. They're what the market demands, and I actually enjoy writing them!

This discovery brings me to some bittersweet news. The down side is that I'll probably be releasing fewer short stories this year. However, my future releases will include more lengthy novellas and full blown novels like this rancher tale.

If you're a fan of my work, you'll find that this is a good thing! Going longer allows me to deliver the same great tales on steroids -- more depth, better developed characters, and a whole new level of sizzling eroticism.

Stay tuned!

But also snag a copy of Rancher's Healing Touch at all the usual places:






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