Dark Prairie Fire - A Western Erotic Romance - Released!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm sticking to my guns this summer. Dark Prairie Fire: Rancher's Pregnant Submissive is only my second full length erotic romance novella, but it won't be my last!

Like its cousin, Rancher's Healing Touch, this is a story of love, erotic pregnancy passions, submission, and suspense. As I wrote it, the story took on its own life, brushing on New Adult themes by the end, even though I didn't categorize it as such.

I doubt there's much market for New Adult Western Erotic Romances. However, this just might be the next best thing.

A brief look at this novella's description will tell you why:


Cat Nichols' fresh-out-of-college plans fall apart when she returns home to run the family ranch. Dealing with unexpected grief and danger following her Pa's mysterious death is only half the battle. Throw in a surprise attraction to the hot rancher next door, and she's got enough tension to fuel some very dark desires...

Ethan Hartz has always admired the beautiful young woman on the neighboring ranch. But he never expects her desperate pleas for domination until she throws herself at him one dark evening, right after they make an unsettling discovery in her barn's loft.

Even then, he can't imagine how hot the fire inside her rages, including a stark lust for a baby.

Just one taste of her, and Ethan knows he's in for good. He'll stop at nothing to give her the life she deserves – even if it means saving his newly pregnant submissive from a pack of ruthless criminals...

Dark Prairie Fire is loaded with suspense, BDSM play, and pregnancy passions. A contemporary Western erotic romance novella over 30,000 words.


Instantly, I wanted to open myself all the way to him, anything to capture the vital flicker restlessly dancing in his pupils. If I could catch his spark, maybe I wouldn't be so timid anymore.

We were both surprised when I snapped up, standing on my tiptoes. I bounced on the fire inside me, spinning toward him.

My lips landed on his.

I smiled through my shock, feeling his warm, inviting lips go from pliable to firm.

We kissed without breaking away for several minutes. His arms tightened around my waist, slowly working their way lower, until they rested just above the hams of my ass.

I expected him to finish the teasing finger march below my belt, but he jerked me around instead. I was the one planted tight to the wall now, locked to the old wood by his hands while his face glided lower.

He kissed me, harder and hungrier than before.

We broke lips and I squealed, regaining my senses.

My back pressed harder into the barn's wooden exterior. Ethan stared  at me, more like a tiger than a human peer, giving me a glimpse of the animal desire I'd summoned from his depths.

“Are you sure you know what you're doing, Cat? If you want this – and I do too – I want it to be real. We can't let ourselves do anything we'd regret, whipped up by wild emotions.”

I quirked one eyebrow. “You think I haven't thought long and hard about this, even before we found Pa's secret stash up there? No, I don't think there'll be any mistakes with you, baby.”

Ethan silenced me with another all consuming kiss. This time, his tongue lashed against my lips, quick and hot as lightning, shocking me until they parted just for him.

He pressed in, searching for my tongue to dominate. Muscles tensed along my neck, and then much lower. Deep tissues restlessly clenched inside me.

My hot breath oozed into his mouth as I let the wet kiss wash over me. I fed him on pure heat, emptying the warm jet stream in my lungs into him as our tongues twined, thrashing like serpents.

“God, Cat,” he growled, pulling away reluctantly. “I'm not going to be able to stop myself when you kiss me like that.”

“I'm not asking you to. Go ahead, Ethan. Let's do this.”

Glaring with wanton need, he planted one palm in the small of my back and tipped me into his open arms. As we entered the barn, I understood there wasn't any turning away.

And I was dead sure we were going in the right direction, straight into ecstasy's sticky red lips.

I'm proud of this novella because it's lots of things, but not so many that it loses its soul. The Western erotic romance flavor stands out strongest, but after throwing in a dash of mystery and coming of age trials, I think I've written something you'll love.

Regular readers here know the drill by now. Pick up Dark Prairie Fire anywhere that sells ebooks:






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