Wet Riding Lessons - A Cowboy Western Erotic Romance Released!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Another hot summer month brings another erotic romance novella. Wet Riding Lessons: Rancher's Pregnant Pleasure isn't a romantic suspense, unlike its two predecessors. It's a straight up, spicier, Western erotic romance. Dig in and enjoy!


Isabel Raine is caught between the two most imposing men she's ever met. Her savvy boss, Norman Tyler, promises her a great future – just as long as she can keep away from his no good younger brother. But one look at the rugged Montana rancher says it won't be easy, especially when he offers to take her horseback riding high into the mountains.

Carson Tyler was branded an irresponsible playboy, but now he's turning over a new leaf. Lucky for him, Isabel is just the girl to make him a new man. Only trouble is, keeping his possessive hands off her while she's snuggled up on his saddle is impossible.

One hot night later, and Isabel finds herself trapped between two brothers. What's a young intern to do at this fork in the road, when all she really wants to do is settle down and have Carson's baby?

Wet Riding Lessons is dripping with pregnancy passions, family intrigue, and lessons in loving submission. A contemporary Western erotic romance novella over 20,500 words.


They weren't giggling or making small talk anymore. The atmosphere had taken on a sudden, serious tone, charged with the lust spilling out of her – the same raw need she sensed in him.

Carson? Can't he go faster?” She hissed, above the clomping beats below them.

Sorry, Izzy. This is as fast as he gets after a mountain excursion like that. But, hell, I know that impatience you're feeling. You better believe I do.”

Isabel shivered. Her prying fingers had untucked his shirt. She ran her hands up his bare flesh, above the belt, meshing her fingers deep in the muscular flesh in his middle.

That's it,” he said, the tension ringing in his voice.

The rain kept up a steady patter on their backs. Around them, the world turned to ice, encasing their passion, their private fire too hot to share with outsiders.

They were still several feet from the barn when he swung his legs off the horse. Without asking, Carson grabbed her by the legs and hoisted her into his arms.

The world spun. Taut against his chest, Isabel felt everything, every fine morsel of him seething and ready beneath his shirt and jeans.

She pressed in harder. Carson's lips dove, landing on hers and moving like he was smoldering ashes.

Actually, the lightning swirl of his tongue fed her flames, extinguishing nothing. She fell into him, roasting from the inside out, not caring if the heat caused her to combust.

I won't break this kiss for anything. So, this is what a country man's lips feel like...they're rugged and beautiful as the mountains. Rough enough to make me love them.

With Edward's reigns in one hand and Isabel in the other, he broke the kiss, but didn't take his eyes off her as they move into the barn.

The horse was quickly put into his stable and given a snack. Carson shuttered the door and turned to face his new wet conquest, dripping and eager in every sense.

Come here,” she whispered. “I need to feel your mouth on me again. I want your kisses deeper, Carson.”

Another kiss so good it nearly smothered stole her breath. And then he peeled away, letting her hook one strong arm around his waist, shining his torch-like eyes into hers.

He searched the depths of her lusts. When he saw how wide they were, his breath hitched, and he lowered his voice to a growl.

I'll give it to you deep. Not just with my mouth either, lucky lady. I've taught you to ride a steed...but what do you know about riding men?”

He tore forward like a human bulldozer. Seizing her wrists, he lifted her high, and next thing she knew her back was pressed into the hard wooden wall.

The great bulge she'd felt earlier in his pants had returned. Isabel moaned.

She needed him with an urgency unlike anything she'd ever experienced. She needed him to fill her, shake her, uproot her and toss her to the earth, until she found herself again, branded by his carnal hunger and still yearning for more, more, more...

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