Love to Bear - A Werebear Shifter Romance Released!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ridiculously happy to have my first full length novel out. And even happier that it's a shifter book! Welcome to A.T. Mitchell's Love to Bear: A Werebear Shifter Romance, where the love is big and wild, and passions flare hot.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Or maybe you do. Here's what the blurb for this smoking hot erotic romance says:

Samantha Aarons left Sioux Falls with a broken heart for a fresh start in the Montana wilds. Outside Kalispell, the native bears are strange and ferocious – especially when a hulking grizzly steps out of the woods and frightens Sam half to death.

Werebear shifter Don Flood can't believe his incredible luck. The beautiful woman he discovers on patrol just might be his fated mate! The delicate flower faints after seeing him turn into a man, and Don sees his opportunity to charge straight into her heart.

But love makes men do stupid, dangerous things.

The Grizzly Bone Clan has a standing policy against allowing humans on their turf. Still, Don refuses to let the Elders' prejudice steal her away, doubling down on love after Sam reveals the key to the Clan's flatlining population.

Sam soon adores the passionate, wild love of her dominant grizzly man. But Happily Ever Afters never seemed further when a wicked conspiracy threatens to scatter their fate forever.

Can she survive becoming his mate...or will she feel heartbreak twice?

This 41,000+ word werebear romance novel contains steamy situations and language that would make a grizzly blush! Buckle up.

Get your copy right here:


There's also a small personal element to this story's creation. No, not the ferocious grizzlies who can turn into muscle bound guys (sorry to disappoint).

Truth is, I'd wanted to write a full shifter romance for sometime, but a few months ago I was still struggling with the setting. A trip to the Western USA changed all that. I was captivated by Western Montana's beauty from the get go, especially the awesome mountainous landscape stretching from Missoula up toward Kalispell and Glacier National Park.

This is one of the rare homes for wild grizzly bears left in the States, and it seemed natural to set a shifter population here. To all my Montana readers, I'm insanely grateful and a little jealous that you live in such a beautiful place!

Got feedback on Love to Bear? Then send it my way. Until then, I'll be outlining my next book, and preparing to take another enthusiastic jump into the world of hot shifters and paranormal romance!


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